Saturday, 22 October 2011

Coke Names - Share a Coke

Coke Names - Share a Coke

On October 1st Coca-Cola launched the promotion 'Share a Coke' on Facebook

Coca-Cola is swapping its branding for one of 150 Australia's most popular names and putting people's names on its bottles and cans as part of its 'Share a Coke' campaign.

Personalised bottles or cans can be bought at supermarkets. The personalized bottles come with the new slogan 'share a coke with (name)'.

If your name isn't one of the top 150, you can get your name printed on a can of Coke for free as Westfield Shopping Centres during the months of October and November.

In December the promotion will change to 'Share a Coke with Santa'. Cans will then have Rudolph and other reindeer names instead.

There is also a competition running with the campaign where you can create your own Coke commercial.

If you want more information on the promotion then you can find out more on the Coco-Cola's Australian Facebook page.

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